About Felney

(For those that have not read the old version!)

Felney was a webcomic I made between 2001 and 2005, and was originally started to "make my parents the laughing stock of the internet". It followed Mike, an anarchist, Aaron and Tina as they sat around reading the newspaper and making smart-arsed comments. It ran steadily throughout 2001 and 2002, but in 2003 began to drop off, often silly "newspaper cuttings" where created in favour of actual comics, and it became a bit like a strange version of "Private eye". Also I ceased to believe in Anarchy, so it was hard to even care about the strip. In 2005 it finally died.

A biographical replacement called "Mike Comix" was planned but never amounted to anything, so Felney died out. In 2006 it was confirmed I was going to Lincoln University, so I decided I would try and submit a comic to "the inevitable on-campus paper". In truth I was expecting there to be one like the University Of Alberta's "Gateway", which is a weekly and has a whole page of student comics, and in which the famous webcomic Deathworld started. However there didn't appear to be anything apart from an unreliably-published magazine called Bullet.

I still carried on making Felney anyway, I had decided to mash Mike Comix and Felney together, to turn it into a biographical-ish story (well, jokes about stupid things that happen to me). But still set in a fictional world, so I could remove things from reality a bit, and make them funnier and more ridiculous. New Felney re-told the beginning of the original Felney, making it clear mike is not an anarchist, and showing his garden is usually full of rusty cars XD. Then it will leap forward to 2006 and carry on from there. The strip was updated slowly during semester A, but right at the end the student newspaper, The Linc, finally arrived. They said they'd publish Felney in it, but after I'd sent them the rather unimpressive first strip I never heard anything more from them. Also the Linc only managed about 4-5 issues in the further 2 and a half years I was there, so running a comic like this in it would have been a waste of time.

After these disappointments I ran out of arsed and Felney stalled again. This wasn't anything new as old Felney usually had hiatuses (hiati?) of several months at a time. However at the time I made a major shift from creating satirical/horror webcomics to creating self-published comics (on actual paper!) in the style of traditional British adventure titles. This caused the Felney hiatus to end up being almost 4 years! However one night I decided to continue Felney, as once I'd done a decent sized batch of them I could produce another printed book to sell.

Most events in the strip, except for those revolving around Aaron and Tina (who are totally fictional characters) are about 85% based on reality, though the names have been changed to protect the guilty. Hope you enjoy reading it!


Mike Smith

The owner of the house in Felney, He is about 30 years old in 2006 and works as a lab assistant for a biotechnology company called Cyto-Sell.

He collects violent splatter and horror movies, usually from abroad or dubious websites, so they are unrated by the cowardly unpatriotic traitors, sorry, BBFC. Though he's found they are often more funny than anything else. Or perhaps he just needs help...

He also collects rusting old heaps, perhaps better known as "Classic cars", though many of them don't resemble cars any more. He attempts to do them up and occasionally manages it, though usually gets carried away adding modifications and never gets them finished. He usually drives an un-modified Ford XR4i or a Volvo 240 saloon with a Rover V8 and a few choice bodywork modifications. He also has amongst other things a couple of Ford Capris, various Mini's, a Rover P5b without it's engine and a Cortina mk1 which he can't find panels for. He used to have a Peugeot 305 but sold it.

He is a "leftist eurosceptic", and usually votes for UKIP. He doesn't hate foreigners, just corrupt totalitarian governments that constantly monitor and nanny their people. He doesn't support Popular Alliance as they are the most brazenly anti classic car party going, more so than Labour and Green put together!

His sexuality is "indeterminate", which usually means Bi. He likes sexy people, whatever they are XD

Aaron Anderson

He's also about 30, and a very good friend of Mike's. Him and Tina came to live in his house in 2001 after being on the run from the staff of "straight camp". With that said, he is Gay and comes from a quite well-to-do family from Maidstone, in Kent. They attempted to have him "turned straight", but he escaped and fled to Felney. Despite being gay he is the "straight man" of the strip. I tell you, that idea was solid gold when I invented him back in 2001. (He was almost called Adrian, though).

He owns a Ford Sierra estate and can't really fathom mike's bizarre obsession with doing up old cars. However Mike got to his car, so it doesn't run any more XD.

He works from home on something Media-related, it's all very complicated and up-its-own-arse, but he earns a decent amount.

He did have a boyfriend called Vinny, but they don't see each other much any more. Though he has had numerous other "friends with benefits" over the years too, he is currently single.

He likes most kinds of music, but prefers club dance crap, which makes him the odd one out on most nights out.

And finally he has virtually no interest in politics at all.

Tina Wright

She met Aaron at where he lived in between breaking out of Straight Camp and coming to Felney. Which was somewhere in London. She's 25, so slightly younger than the other two.

She works at a supermarket in Ely called Bodkins, and drives in yet another of Mike's cars, his Hillclimb-spec Austin Mini. Well she does when it hasn't grown yet another electrical problem...

She didn't like horror movies at first, but has gotten into them, well the funny / more mainstream ones anyway...

She likes pop-rock type music such as Greenday, Marylin Manson and the like, though isn't averse to more obscure things, like Terrorgruppe and Angelic Upstarts.

Finally, she's a lesbian. She has a girlfriend called Ann, who still lives in London, they see each other quite a bit. Ann is bi and, well, likes anyone. But Tina doesn't mind that much...

Oh and she was almost called Kate back when I was coming up with ideas. But for some reason her and a bigoted woman from the old version (who was going to be called Tina) got their names swapped.


That character based on you is not actually based on you, but somebody else I knew a while back when I was at *place you weren't*. I wouldn't make fun of you would I? I respected and trusted you (of course). This does not apply to people who I have told will be in the strip, usually because it won't ridicule them, just use them to tell the story XD. I say XD a lot, you should probably just ignore it.

Continuity Information

You may notice that Felney is set in the Gamma Universe, part of the Felney Multiverse. However in the Gamma universe Europe becomes a 1984-style dictatorship around 2008. I'll have to find some way of getting Mike out of the country and then bringing him back after the "great revolution" of 2014 puts things back to normal. Or maybe I'll just jump time forwards when the real 2014 is reached!

Oh yeah, the 'story' of the great revolution is told in some old Felney strips anyway.