About Felney

(for those that have read the old one!)

The new Felney is partly a "re-make" of the old version, though obviously with several changes. This details the "re-writing" that has been done to the strip. For a start Mike was now never an anarchist, and the garden of his house in Felney always had more cars than grass in it XD. This mentions changes to the strips in Classic Felney (on Comic Genesis), if a change isn't mentioned assume it's the same as before XD.


-The "Pilot" issue still stands, as it doesn't involve the main characters at all XD

-The first 6 strips (Aaron and Tina arriving - Them watching the film "cruising") are replaced by strips 0001 - 0015 of the new Felney. And Aaron's Ford Sierra is now an Estate version instead XD. It was always intended to be but when I made the first Felney I didn't know what the back of the estate looked like, and we still had 'phone bill' dialup, so I couldn't just hop on google image search and find out XD

-Somewhere after strip 0015 of new Felney mike buys a light green Peugeot 305, which becomes his daily driver for years, as he doesn't tinker with it and then never get it running again, must take real restraint XD

-Mike's cousin 'Arry doesn't exist. He will be replaced by someone much worse, and closer to his real life counterpart at some point...

-Mike no longer read's "Socialist worker" so imagine he's buying a local paper, and imagine the headline on the back is "Cambridge United Lose"

-The local conservative party now try and assasinate mike because he votes for UKIP, and they have black members.

-Mike does still sleep all through election day anyway, because its funny

-Mike has not built an inter dimensional time travel machine, because his garage contains the Mk1 Capri and an XR4I, so there's no room XD

-He does still paint the Anarchy sign on the school, just for a laugh though

-Ann becomes Tina's girlfriend in May-ish

-The zombie attack doesn't happen, as it happened in 1996 instead. See Zombie Shock Massacre

-Aaron sunbathes on the bonnet of the Capri mk3 mike has instead of a bed

-Vinny now talks to mike because he looks "metal" rather than like an anarchist. He asks him where a comic shop is, because he's recently moved to Cambridge from, say, Manchester.

-Instead of talking about Primitivism, Vinny and Mike are talking about shit bands that add you on Myspace, which probably wasn't invented then.

-Mike is also watching the England 5 Germany 1 game, not reading XD

-Mike's dream that's supposedly about "now from the 50's" is actually about the 2050's XD.

-Vinny puts Aaron to sleep by talking about Judge Dredd or something...

-Mike's house now gets ruined by the chavs and scum that rule our streets by fear. He knows the attack is coming because he read "THETS GET DA FUCKIN LONGHAIRDE QUEERR IN FELNEY!!1!" in the ely.org.uk guestbook, so puts his classic cars into storage (priorities XD) and builds a bomb shelter. The little shits ignore the bomb shelter because they know nothing about history

-Its not the mafia that kill the milkman, but a gang from Middleford, the leader of which doesnt have long to live, for reasons you can guess...

-Though in new Felney the council will be depicted as wet liberals who are secretly racist, in a bizarre reversed way, the joke Kambridgeshire Kounty Kouncil was too good to leave, so the KKK visiting mike strip still stands.

-Tina wasn't in "straight camp", she has a different back story, that I'll have to think of. Aaron just smashed the bosses car up a bit and stole about 100 off him, not burn the whole place down and steal 10,000 from his hacked-up body XD

-Mike doesn't kill Aaron's dad, he gets Sunita to do it...

-Mike NOW left college in 1994, went to work in numerous odd jobs, ending up in a petrol garage in 1998. He got pissed off and went to Lincoln University, got VERY pissed off and left and joined G.I.T (the delivery company) in 1999. Then moved into his house in late 2000. He still saw a UFO in 1988 but never belived in anarchy. Doesn't trust the government though XD

-Ann didn't become mike's girlfriend as well as Tina's... but they do make love now and then. Though not often!

-Mike and Aaron actually do age now. Yes that means he's 30 in 2006, talk about over the hill XD


-Jesus doesn't appear in the bigoted guy's house, because he isn't real

-The "Trip To Japan" storyline didn't happen anyway because it was crap XD

 -"How sad that the anti-Euro army had to resort to racism", yeah, they could just tell the truth, that the EU is a holocaust-denying, totalitarian, corrupt and bloated waste of money.

-Mike did bang Harry (not 'Arry XD) when he was younger still, but it didn't convince him he was straight this time... in fact he has had other homosexual relationships since then ("then" would have been 1996-ish), as will be seen...

-Aaron's dad may have been killed by Sunita, but his mum still thinks Vinny "made" her son gay (though he came out in 1999 and didn't meet Vinny until 2001), so wants to kill him, but ends up dying anyway. Unfortunatley its quick... she should have been boiled in cooking oil.

-It wasn't actually mike that set light to the Manor public school anyway... there is really a Manor school in Ely and it did really catch fire, but I think it's a normal state one in real life XD

-The 'straight' mike gets a hand job off Aaron so he can have an orgasm without having to stop playing GTA. You can see what that's implying preeety plainly XD


-The HLS Blowing-up storyline didn't happen... however mike did still stop off at home for some reason and Vinny and Aaron still had a poke in the cab, because its funny XD.

-Mike didn't actually attack a BNP-Supporting 16 year old shit, because all 7 of its dads with bolts through their necks would ransack his house. Again.

-The gay scene is actually full of the 'other kind' of bigots, the ones who bow down and worship weird minority religions like "the church of England" and call anybody who is against multiculturalism racist.

-The "want to buy a ford Ultima?" storyline was just bizarre, especially as its actually called a Scorpio and was the short-lived descendant of the mk3 Granada. Sunita nicked the engine from one for her Cortina in Scum Slaughter... Aaron just didn't buy it XD


No changes

-In September this year Mike left G.I.T and went to work as a lab assistant at a biotechnology company called Cyto-sell


No changes, probably cause there was hardly any comics XD.


-Issue 16 of new Felney starts from about May 2006.