"Buyer Beware"

The first in a series of Felneys set in the Beta Universe, which is almost exactly like the Alpha Universe (IE: real life). Except Felney exists in it. This will be an occasional series, for when I want to make references to current events (like the Hong Kong protests). In the normal Felney universe (Gamma), the world has plenty of trouble in 2014, though the Hong Kong protests would probably be going on there, too, now that I think about it. When "normal" Felney gets to 2016-or-so (currently, as of strip 19 and 21, in 2006), it will jump to the Beta universe and every strip from then will be Beta Felney.

I also severely over-egged the detail on this one, using 0.1 and 0.05mm pens with abandon. Reducing it to 700 pixels wide just looked like a grey soup, and 800 pixels wasn't much better. I need bigger, bolder lines!

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