This is Felney, a "slice of life" comic about a bloke who lives in the Fens and collects rusting old cars. Plus his friends and numerous other people. This is semi-biographical, but removed enough from reality to avoid legal action (I hope). More information can be found at the links below.

Updated... more often than it has been!

Latest Issue - 17th January 2018

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Classic Felney

About Felney

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The original version of Felney, written when I was an Anarchist (well, most of it, I was later a Socialist and then Liberal). Currently hosted externally

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I HAVE read the old version

I HAVE NOT read the old version

An interactive map of Felney (coming not-so-soon)

Information about the characters

Sexy Felney Issues


A page with all the issues of the old Felney featuring sex scenes that I had kicking around, "enjoy". Maybe when there's sex scenes in the new version I'll add those too.

An old "comedy" timeline of Felney / Britain. Written when I was very left wing, also it mentions some of my other comics. Not to be taken seriously!

Felney is Copyright of Michael Martin / The Crystal Knights (that isnt even an organisation! and I am the only one making this crap anyway) 2006 - 2106 (as copyright last 100 years XD). Any resemblance to real persons or organisations is purely coincidental. And funny.